There is a Light That Never Goes Out: Scenes from the Luddite Rebellion – Royal Exchange

“To be a Luddite in 1812 was to resist the kind of progress that wanted to dash you against a cliff face.” (James Yeatman and Lauren Mooney – creators of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out) The term ‘Luddite’ has typically been used as colloquial shorthand for ‘backward-looking’; for stubborn and pointless resistance … More There is a Light That Never Goes Out: Scenes from the Luddite Rebellion – Royal Exchange

Miss Julie – Hope Mill Theatre

Written in 1888, August Strindberg’s Miss Julie is a searing portrayal of the psychological and emotional contortions demanded by 19th century social expectations. As a narrative, it is simple enough – an inappropriate sexual liaison between an aristocratic woman and a servant has tragic consequences. But what is utterly compelling is the raw struggle between … More Miss Julie – Hope Mill Theatre

Hobson’s Choice – Royal Exchange

The Royal Exchange has a true crowd-pleaser on its hands with Hobson’s Choice. Full-blooded characters, a wonderfully comic script and just enough poignancy and social commentary to give the whole thing substance – all this is sandwiched between opening and closing sequences buzzing with colour, music and dance. It is utterly engaging from start to … More Hobson’s Choice – Royal Exchange

dressed – HOME Mcr

When Lydia was 19 and abroad, she was violently assaulted in the course of a robbery. Having been beaten and ‘stripped’ at gunpoint, she made her way home, told her three childhood friends that she was “absolutely fine” and proceeded to withdraw into her parents’ attic to sew. And sew.  dressed explores Lydia’s relationship with clothes … More dressed – HOME Mcr

Home, I’m Darling – Lowry

Judy and Johnny are “terribly”, “appallingly” happy in their 1950s house, complete with bright yellow kitchen, jazzy wallpaper and vintage fridge. In her swirling, candy-striped skirt and tightly coiffured hair, Judy skips lightly around the kitchen, dutifully taking the top off Johnny’s breakfast egg and inviting him to choose between home-made marmalade and home-made lemon … More Home, I’m Darling – Lowry