The Effect – Oldham Coliseum

Falling in love feels like one of the most profound, authentic experiences we ever have. Yet what if it’s not ‘real’? What if it’s just an artefact, a mis-labelling of a physiological state? What is ‘real’ anyway? Lucy Prebble’s fiercely intelligent, provocative play raises all these questions, and probes further into our very understanding of … More The Effect – Oldham Coliseum

OthelloMacbeth – HOME

I was one of the millions of viewers who devoured the TV dramatisation of The People vs O.J. Simpson – the compelling story of a man’s downfall (and a woman’s murder – the brackets here are deliberate). Director Jude Christian noticed the parallels between the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Desdemona respectively and reflected … More OthelloMacbeth – HOME

The Fishermen – HOME

The Fishermen is a hugely ambitious project. Gbolahan Obisesan’s adaptation of Chigozie Obioma’s brilliant novel distils a 300-page epic family saga into an 80 minute play; it transfers the rich geographical and cultural landscape of a Nigerian village onto a small, circular wooden platform, bare except for aluminium poles which meander across the centre; and … More The Fishermen – HOME

Bread & Roses – Oldham Coliseum

Bread & Roses is a musical re-telling of the inspiring story of the 1912 mill workers’ strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Beginning as a local struggle to claw back the bare minimum of subsistence, it became the vehicle for the collective empowerment of a disparate and traditionally powerless workforce: women, children, immigrants. And against a background … More Bread & Roses – Oldham Coliseum

The Drill – HOME

The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is ‘severe’. Two days after the Manchester Arena bombing last year, it was raised to ‘critical’. Such announcements leave me utterly bewildered: how am I supposed to react? What does this designation mean for me and how I should behave? It feels like I’m being … More The Drill – HOME

A Clockwork Orange: A play with music – Liverpool Everyman

A Clockwork Orange: A Play with Music is clearly a labour of love for director Nick Bagnall. Enthralled by both the original book (by Anthony Burgess) and an RSC production in the late ‘80s, Bagnall was especially excited to discover that Burgess had himself written original songs to accompany the stage version – based, of … More A Clockwork Orange: A play with music – Liverpool Everyman