Slapstick – HOME

Slapstick is a joyous piece of daftness that should be on everybody’s Christmas ‘to see’ list. Five prodigiously talented Dutch musicians (Werelband) fill the stage with madcap sketches invoking a number of stage and screen traditions – but with just enough quirkiness to make it all feel entirely fresh. The pre-set establishes the mood. As people … More Slapstick – HOME

A Hundred Different Words for Love – HOME (Orbit Festival)

A Hundred Words for Love is the sequel to the beautiful Team Viking – James Rowland’s moving story of his friend’s Viking funeral. It features some of the same characters and is presented in the same simple and direct manner. Rowland himself is an accomplished writer and storyteller and has a real talent for connecting … More A Hundred Different Words for Love – HOME (Orbit Festival)

The Effect – Oldham Coliseum

Falling in love feels like one of the most profound, authentic experiences we ever have. Yet what if it’s not ‘real’? What if it’s just an artefact, a mis-labelling of a physiological state? What is ‘real’ anyway? Lucy Prebble’s fiercely intelligent, provocative play raises all these questions, and probes further into our very understanding of … More The Effect – Oldham Coliseum

OthelloMacbeth – HOME

I was one of the millions of viewers who devoured the TV dramatisation of The People vs O.J. Simpson – the compelling story of a man’s downfall (and a woman’s murder – the brackets here are deliberate). Director Jude Christian noticed the parallels between the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Desdemona respectively and reflected … More OthelloMacbeth – HOME